Top Mexican Artists You Should Be Obsessed With

The quality of Mexican art has always been admired by art lovers from different parts of the world. Mexican artists never cease to impress their audience with amazing technique and themes that captivate even those who are very hard to please. If you are a collector who is thinking of acquiring Mexican arts, a good way to start is to get to know the famous Mexican artists who are responsible for making the genre what it is today—-one of the most important hallmarks of Latin American art and a main player in the world of contemporary art. Before you look at Mexican art for sale, take some time to get to know these Mexican artists.

Rufino Tamayo

As far as famous Mexican artists are concerned, Rufino Tamayo is definitely on the list. The artist behind Children Playing with Fire in 1947, he was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and is known to be a painter, printmaker, and a sculptor.

The Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum, which opened in 1981 in Mexico City, showcases some of Tamayo’s best works. Unlike the other Mexican artists during his time, Rufino Tamayo was not a supporter of the Mexican revolt. In fact, Children Playing with Fire reflects his belief that the revolution which the Mexicans started will not do them any good. Among the best contributions of Rufino Tamayo in the world of Mexican art is Mixografia, which is a print technique he invented with another Mexican painter. This gives a three-dimensional effect and produces a work with incomparable texture.

Francisco Toledo

Also one of the very talented creators of Mexican arts is Francisco Toledo. He is a multi-faceted Mexican artist and was involved with painting, pottery, and even weaving. He is a Mexican graphic artist and has won several awards in his home state. One of his most famous works is Chivo, which is surrealism at its finest.

Diego Rivera

Also one of the prominent Mexican artists who have ever lived is Diego Rivera. He was married to another painter, Frida Kahlo, and has created a number of controversial works during his career. A talented muralist, he created murals in key places like Detroit, Mexico, and New York. He captured the hearts of many because of the degree of sophistication he incorporates in his works.

Among his most interesting masterpieces is Two Women (Dos Mujeres, Portrait of Angelina Beloff and Maria Dolores Bastian) that was made in 1914. The National Palace in Mexico City showcases one of his beautiful murals—one that depicts the history of Mexico.

Carlos Almaraz

One of the Mexican American artists known for their incredible talent is Carlos Almaraz. He was known for his associations with the Chicano Street Arts Movement. His works are some of the most in-demand Mexican art prints nowadays.


Raul Anguiano

For those who love portraits, a Mexican artist you might be interested in is Raul Anguiano. He is a 20th century Mexican painter and a notable muralist. He began drawing at the age of five and was known to be among the artists who last worked with the talented Diego Rivera. His favorite subject is the life of the indigenous people of Mexico and he is known all over the world for his exceptional talent in oil painting.

Guillermo Ceniceros

Also included in the list of Mexican artists you should check is Guillermo Ceniceros. His early work involved being an assistant to Federico Cantú, Luis Covarrubias and then David Alfaro Siqueiros. The majority of his creations is murals and he was responsible for 15 large scale murals such as The Ancient Mexicans, a mural for the Mexican Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada which was made in 1986. Subtlety is the word often associated with his work. Critics describe his creations as gentle and never harsh. He is a genius in his craft and has invented many tools to make his creations more unique and interesting.

The works of these Mexican artists are sought after and every avid collector of Mexican art has their creations on their wish list. If you are thinking of buying Mexican art for sale, make sure that you check out these names.

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